May 2024

Funding success: UK SPF Pride in Place Community Grant for land purchase 

BAWT is delighted to share the news that, with your help, we have raised the funds to purchase the central portion of Buckenham Wood. We have been awarded generous grants from the UK SPF Pride in Place Community Grants, part of the government levelling up agenda, together with match funding from Broadland District Council - many thanks to both organisations for their support! This exciting news means we will be able to proceed with the land purchase this year and have appointed a solicitor to start the process.  

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BAWT Bluebell Day  

We had a wonderful day meeting supporters in Buckenham Wood on the earlyMay bank holiday. A big thank-you to everyone who stopped by for a chat.

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Barn Dance update

BAWT and Yare Folk Group hosted a wonderful evening of music and dancing at Lingwood Village Hall (16th March 2024). We raised a staggering £1,164.15.  A special thank you to the Yare Folk who gave their time and talent for nothing. They kept the room moving and led everyone through the dance steps. A big thank-you to everyone who attended and helped us to make it such a memorable evening. 

Future waste clearing works

We still have work to do to clean up the central section of the wood.  The site was used as a gravel pit in the 1920s and as a tip in the following decades. With the current landowner’s permission, and support from Lingwood and Strumpshaw Air Scouts and Yare Valley Rotary Club two clean up events were held in January which removed copious bags of litter and over 100 tyres. There is still an area of historic waste that requires covering with a protective layer of sand and gravel. This work will require mechanical diggers, and so is planned later in the year after the bird nesting season to avoid disturbing wildlife.

Environmental survey completed

As part of the research required for pulling together a woodland management plan an environmental survey has been completed. We are grateful for funding support from The Strumpshaw Trust and Yare Valley Rotary Club for this work.

Gift Aid from all donations now available

BAWT is very grateful to everyone who has contributed to our fund for purchasing, conserving and managing the wood. If you wish for us to retrospectively claim Gift Aid on your donation (made before 15th January 2024) please contact us via BAWT's email and we will get right back to you.

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