About Buckenham Woodland


Buckenham Wood is a stunning example of ancient woodland situated about two miles from Strumpshaw. It is a beautiful and peaceful oasis enjoyed by many visitors. The wood is of great ecological significance and boasts a wide variety of species.

About Buckenham Wood

The wood comprises three plots. The eastern side is owned by Strumpshaw Parish Council and is already accessible to the public. The Buckenham Ancient Woodland Trust has been established with the purpose of purchasing and maintaining the central plot of the wood. A key objective for the Trust is to expand existing public access to the acquired central part of the wood. 

Objectives for Conservation

Buckenham Wood is designated as a County Wildlife Site, as well as Ancient Woodland. The conservation objectives of the charity are to protect and enhance habitats, with their plants and animals, in the whole Buckenham Wood County Wildlife Site, in collaboration with the other woodland landowners. Further information on exactly how the conservation of the wood will be managed will be shared in due course. 

Blue sky and trees